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Race Day

Volunteers-Prison Guards


What is Prison Break Race?

Prison Break is a 5 km and 7.5 km race with 30 and 40 obstacles to tackle. Participants are provided a belt with three flags representing their escape attempts. Between obstacles, Prison guards try to snatch your flags to thwart your escape. The goal is to finish the course as quickly as possible and with at least 1 flag remaining. If all your flags get snatched, you still continue your race.

Is Prison Break Race for everyone?

Prison Break Race is for anyone who wants a challenge while having fun with friends. Whether you are a competitive runner wishing to participate in our Elite heat or just looking for a new challenge alone or with friends, Prison Break Race is for you! Our 5 and 7.5 km distance makes it accessible to all levels. Feel free to help your fellow runners on the obstacles or ask for help yourself. If you are unable to complete an obstacle, you can perform 20 burpees to continue your escape. If you don’t know what a burpee is, check out a how-to video here.

Is Prison Break Race Dangerous?

Not if you follow the safety instructions. The risk of injury on obstacle courses is no higher than trail running. In addition, a medical team will be on hand if needed.

What types of obstacles can I expect?

Obstacles along the course are varied and will test your ability to run, climb, crawl, cross a body of water, carry loads up and down steep trails, cross fences, maintain your balance and help your fellow inmates escape. And of course you need to outsmart/outrun the guards between obstacles. For obstacles in deep water bodies, there is always a detour option for non-swimmers.

What is the minimum age to register for Prison Break Race?

Participants must be atleast 14 years old on race day to run.

How long with the race take to complete?

That depends on your level of fitness.

5km of trail running plus 30 obstacles can take 30-75 minutes or more.

7.5km of trail running plus 40 obstacles can take 60-120 minutes or more.

Is there specific training appropriate for an obstacle course race?

It is always wise to have at least a minimum level of fitness before taking part in any sporting event. To be best prepared for Prison Break race, we suggest you hit up the gym, or Crossfit, as well as road/trail running or other cardiovascular activity.

You already do all of this? Not bad! Then you’ll be ready for this challenge.

How should I dress for an obstacle course race?

Keep in mind, you are going to get wet and covered in mud, so:

  • Dress in a t-shirt, shorts or light pants. Try to avoid cotton – It will get muddy and HEAVY!  Opt for synthetic materials such as polyester, lycra or spandex. 
  • Wear fast draining/drying running shoes with good traction (or trail shoes). They WILL get soaked! Important, studded shoes are not allowed! This type of shoe can cause damages to our tarps and may cause injury to the prison guards. However, you can wear standard trail running shoes.
  • You may wish to wear gloves to protect your hands.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry or anything that can get in your way or caught on the obstacles.
  • Long hair should be pulled back… yup, that’s REAL barbed wire!
  • Bring a clean (warm) change of clothes for after the race.
  • Awesome costumes are definitely welcomed!


How do I register?

Registration is available on-line at the Prison Break Race website. Click here to go directly to the Registration page.

  1. Choose the date/location of your race.
  2. Select your departure time (heats leave every 30 minutes)
  3. Complete the registration form.
  4. Submit payment: We accept VISA, MasterCard and PayPal
  5. You will receive a registration confirmation via email.

How do I register with a coupon code?

You will be asked to provide your coupon code before submitting payment in the registration process.

What's the Elite wave ?

  • For our more competitive runners, the elite heat offers a race without flagbelts or prison guards.  This one is all about speed.
  • Elite heats leave at 9:00am on Saturday only.
  • Finish with the fastest time and you’ll find yourself on the podium.
  • Top 3 male and top 3 female elite finishers receive prizes (6 prizes total).

How to register as a team ?

  • Build a team of 4-12 runners and be sure give it an awesome name!
  • Teams of 8 or more save $5 per runner.
  • The top 4 times for your team will make up your team’s score.
  • Special prizes will be awarded to the top team.

There are two options to register a team:

  • Option #1 I’ll pay for the entire team

    • Have ready: name, email address, age and t-shirt size for all team members.
    • Choose the team option in the registration process.
    • Add and pay for all team members.
    • The $ 5 discount is automatically applied to a team of 8+ members only.
  • Option #2 Each member will pay their own registration

    • Choose the individual option in the registration process.
    • Choose the same date and heat as your team members.
    • Write the team name in the provided field. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the team name match exactly for all members.
    • NOTE: The $5 discount is not available for this option, even if the team consists of more than 8 members.

An individual or individuals would like to join my existing team. How should they proceed?

  • New members can be added until 12 total team members are registered. If you have more than 12, a second team should be formed.
  • New members must choose the individual category during the registration process. Each person must go and register individually.
  • New members must choose the same date and start time as the already registered team members.
  • New members should write the name of the team in the provided field. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the team name is entered exactly as was entered during the original registration.
  • New members will automatically be added to the team.

I bought a Groupon… now what?

Enter your unique Groupon code in the coupon code field during the registration process.

I bought a Groupon or won a free entry but the site shows the race as full.  What do I do?

Send a note to nicolas@coursesultimes.com and we will take care of you.

Will there be an onsite registration option at the races?


I registered but I am unable to race.  Can I get a refund or transfer my registration?

There are absolutely no refunds.  

Registrations can be transferred to another runner at least 2 weeks prior to the race. There's a $5 fee for each transfer. We will need this informations: 

  • Your confirmation number.
  • The city, date and departure time of your race.
  • The information for your replacement runner (First and last name, age and gender).
  • We are unable to change shirt sizes during a transfer.

Contact us at nicolas@coursesultimes.com.

Can I change my heat?

Once a heat is full we are unable to accept any transfers into that heat. If your desired heat is still available, you can submit a change request at least 2 weeks prior to the race. There's a $5 fee for each change.

Contact us at nicolas@coursesultimes.com.

No heat changes are accepted on race day.

Are the shirts unisex?

No. There is a women’s cut shirt (XS - XL) and a men’s cut shirt (XS - XL). You will be asked to select your size during registration.

Race Day

Can I switch shirt sizes on site?

T-shirts are provided upon crossing the finish line.  We are unable to exchange shirt sizes.

Are there showers available?

No, there will be no shower but at some venues, there will be fire hoses and lake available to remove excess mud!

Will there be bag check available on site?

Yes, there will be bag check available at no charge.  We suggest you leave any valuables at home or in your locked car.

Will there be parking on site at the race?

Yes, parking will be available with volunteers to welcome and guide you when you arrive on site. Parking is 5$.

Can my friends and family come too?

Yes, spectators are free and they can access the BBQ and beverages (beer, juice, water, and pop) for a charge.  Be sure to bring cash for these items as there will be no ATM on site.

Do I need to bring cash?

Racers will receive one free beer or non-alcoholic beverage but additional beverages and BBQ will require cash only payment. There will be no ATM on site.

What if it rains?

Prison Break Race is a rain or shine event.  You’re going to be filthy and soaked regardless of the weather!

What happens if I get injured?

A medical team will be on site. In case of minor injuries, our medical team will provide care on site. In case of serious injuries, we will use the services of paramedics.

Where can I find the pics taken during the race?

Two types of photos will be available:

  1. Prison Break Official Photos which will be published on our Facebook page a few days post-race.  Be sure to tag and share your pics!
  2. Individual photos taken by private photographers will be available for purchase directly from the photographer’s website.


How do I volunteer or sign up to be a prison guard?

You must fill out the form to register as a volunteer or prison guard. Visit the volunteer page here for details.

What’s involved in being a prison guard?

All prison guards will be provided a costume and full instructions on race day.  Essentially, it is your job to make this a fun and challenging day for the racers.  You will be stationed throughout the course and will try to steal flags from runners as they pass you.  ABSOLUTELY NO PHYSICAL CONTACT IS ALLOWED.

As a volunteer or prison guard what will I receive?

You will receive a staff t-shirt, a discounted entry for one of our races and a cold beer (or beverage) after your shift.  Visit the volunteer page here for more details.

Do I have to pay to be a prison guard?


Who is Courses Ultimes?

Courses Ultimes is a team of 8 athletic professionals (not to be confused for 8 professional athletes): One triathlete-lawyer who has hosted multiple sports and social events, one Ironman-realtor, one communication expert who eats more than she works and four young business students who prefers to run than study! We are the organizers of the Prison Break Race, Bonneville Half Marathon of Lachine and Verdun Triathlon.